I received two $25.00 Fandango Gift Cards for Christmas. I was all excited until I checked and found that the nearest theater that accepts them is 40 miles away!

There are so few theaters that accept Fandango and maybe based on the HORRIBLE reviews I'm reading, I'm better off not being able to use them. The giver of the gift had no idea and now he's out the money and m stuck with a gift that can't be used! I don't suppose Fandango wants to reimburse us for what we paid........I realize we can sell the gift cards online but we lose money!

What a terrible company. Can't you do anything to recruit more theaters to accept you?

Product or Service Mentioned: Fandango Gift Card.

Reason of review: Too few locations.

Monetary Loss: $50.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Fandango Cons: Lack of locations.

Location: 336 Timpany Blvd, Gardner, MA 01440, USA

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I agree with AN.

It's not a monetary loss, too you anyway.

I've been in the same situation with gift cards, receiving some that are for specific places of business far from me. Turned out, it was the persons attempt to get me to visit them!

You could always re gift... the gift that keeps on giving...


Why would you leave a bad review for Fandango when it's the person who gave you a stupid gift that should be blamed? It's not Fandango's fault the gift giver didn't bother to check if there was anything available in your area!

And honestly, 40 miles isn't that far to drive for a movie.

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