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Of the $135 I was only able to use $60 worth of my gift cards to see movies, I can't access the remaining $75 worth of gift cards that were uploaded to they site. I contacted customer support by chat (only option offered) They told me the remaining card numbers were used in 2018.

I said that was impossible I was opening the plastic packaging as I loaded them all onto the fandango website two days ago (June 2019). I asked them what date and what movie they show that I saw in 2018? They told me to look on my account. I guess they have no tracking for that.

After we disconnected I check my email and didn't show me using fandango in 2018 at all.

So I lost $75 of my birthday gift. I was surprised that the numbers on the gift card do not print out with our confirmation that way we could track which card numbers were applied to a certain movie and which card numbers were defective or not applied .

As it stand now prepare to be ripped off by this company. Of but of

course I won't do any further business with them.

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