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Update by user Aug 07, 2018

We provided documentation thru BBB and they still refuse to refund. Poor company philosophy to keep denying until consumer tires and gives up.

Original review posted by user Jul 08, 2018

Purchased 2 tickets to Jurassic World on June 28th thru Fandango. After purchasing our weather became unstable (tornadoes) and I cancelled thru the app prior to show start time per Fandango’s procedures.

I chose refund to credit card. When there was no refund, and reached out to support. Crystal offered her sympathy but stated it was against their policy since it was past the showing. I explained that I had cancelled prior to show time with request to credit my card.

I asked repeatedly for her supervisor with her failing to do that. Finally she said she created a ticket to investigate and I would receive an email. Well I received email response today.

They refused to issue credit to my cc or to my Fandango account. I will not use their service ever again!

Product or Service Mentioned: Fandango Jurassic World Movie Ticket.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Fandango Pros: Being able to conveniently order movie tickets in advance.

Fandango Cons: Refused to refund.

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From the Fandango site - "You may initiate a refund or exchange using an online automated tool accessible via your Fandango account available through the website, mobile phone apps, or your purchase confirmation email. However, in certain events such as when the total value of your refund or exchange exceeds Fandango's self-service refunds and exchanges limit and/or your purchase includes the use of a Fandango gift card or promo code, you may be directed to Fandango Customer Service to complete your refund or exchange. Please note that once you have received an exchange, Fandango credits may be exchanged for other credit but are no longer eligible for a refund back to your credit card or other payment type."


I used the Fandango App that I made the purchase to cancel over an hour before the showtime and chose to have my credit card credited. Then a few days later, I noticed that I had not received that credit.

Contacted customer Support and was given the run around.I followed your procedure, but your company failed to submit my refund. You are in error.

If I had been at fault, I would have admitted it and rectified the situation. You have not admitted your error and rectified the problem.

@Connie Becker

MY error? HAHAHA!

I don't work for the fricken company.

This is a public site. I cut and pasted that from, which is where you should go if you really have a legit complaint that you want taken care of.

@Connie Becker

Also, it's not a good idea to post your full name and location on a public forum. Just saying.


Thank you @JellyDoll