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Update by user May 26, 2016

Wells Fargo agreed with me on this issue and refused payment to Fandango. Thank you, Wells Fargo!

Original review posted by user Jan 02, 2016

I googled "Fremont Good Dinosaur" from my phone and I clicked the topmost link. I saw the movie times and purchased 3 tickets (2 adults and one child-- our 4 year old) for the next playing movie which was in an hour of the purchase. On the receipt it showed that I had purchased Concussion (a PG-13 movie). I went back to the website to see about switching the ticket or getting a refund. I could do neither! I called and after 10 minutes into waiting, I also tried the on-line chat. After 27 minutes (the phone) the live chat picked up, so I hung up the phone and tried to reason with the representative. There was no reasoning with them! It is unbelievable that you can purchase a movie within the 2 hours, but cannot get a refund or easily switch movies. (By the way, Good Dinosaur was NOT even playing in Fremont!!!!)

Here is the transaction of the live chat:


Status: Disconnected

Ryoka: Thank you for contacting Fandango Customer Support. My name is Ryoka. How may I assist you today?

Janelle Moreno: Hello. I purchased the wrong movie. Could you please refund my money or transfer my money for the purchase of tickets for the movie I really want to see?

Ryoka: I would be happy to assist you with this.

Janelle Moreno: Thank you.

Ryoka: Purchases made on are only eligible for a refund or an exchange 2 hours or more before show time. Once we are beyond that 2 hour window, we are unable to process any kind of refund or exchange for Fandango credit.

Janelle Moreno: I googled "fremont good dinosaur" and it brought me to your webpage. On my phone, it was not clear that I was purchasing any other movie than Good Dinosaur.

Janelle Moreno: This seems like a "bait and switch" scam

Ryoka: In addition to that our system does not allow for us to change any purchase detail once an order is completed.

Janelle Moreno: Fremont is not playing Good Dinosaur!

Janelle Moreno: Then a full refund, please.

Ryoka: I am not able to provide you with such once the 2 hours beforeshow window has passed.

Janelle Moreno: and yet I can purchase a ticket in that 2 hour????

Janelle Moreno: I demand a refund.

Janelle Moreno: I will have to put a call in to my bank, then

Ryoka: I apologize for any frustration this causes you, but we cannot offer a refund or Fandango credit less than 2 hours before the show time. If you would like to view our refund policy in full, please visit the following page:

Janelle Moreno: And add my bad review to all of the others you have against you.

Ryoka: I understand how you may feel about this however, you are within your right to do so.

Janelle Moreno: I just purchased the ticket, and on the receipt read what movie it was and then I IMMEDIATE tried to get ahold of you

Janelle Moreno: there must be some other recourse

Ryoka: I understand this may not be what you want to hear, but I am obligated to provide the best information for future purchase decisions.

Janelle Moreno: No, you do not understand

Janelle Moreno: a full refund please. ]

Ryoka: Though I understand your position and I appreciate the effort you have put forth to clarify for me, I am still unable to grant your request. Fandango endeavors to give our customers the best experience we can, but we are not always able to grant every request.

Janelle Moreno: this is not "the best experience"

Janelle Moreno: this was my 1st time using your service

Janelle Moreno: "bait and switch" is illegal

Janelle Moreno: selling tickets within the 2 hours and not fixing a problem because it falls inside of that 2 hours is crooked

Janelle Moreno: is there a manager I can speak with????

Ryoka: I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you, however, I have provided you with the best information

Janelle Moreno: who can aurthorize this?

Janelle Moreno: is there a manager there or somebody who can authorize this?

Ryoka: I can always check to see if a manager is available to speak with you but I can guarantee you that you will be provided with the same response as no one is able to override policy.

Janelle Moreno: unbelievable.

Janelle Moreno: well, I'll just look into filing a class action lawsuit.

Janelle Moreno: thank you for ...

Ryoka: You are are within your right to do so.

Janelle Moreno: wow

Ryoka: Thank you for making Fandango your choice for online movie tickets. Have a great day!

Ryoka has disconnected.

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Reviewer is in unhappy mood. janellerenee.usa stated that there is a room for improvement of refund policy and bait-and-switch from google search engine. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss order processing issue of fandango customer care and associated monetary loss in the amount of $37. Fandango needs to issue a full refund according to poster's claims.

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Seriously, you just googled something and expected whatever the first result was to be the movie you want, even if it's not playing? Why not check the theater's website?

Or showtimes in the local paper?

On the Fandango site there's a title AND a movie poster on the page you're looking at. Did you not read those? B

Did you just mindlessly click the first link you saw and expect it to be the one you wanted? It seems from your comments below that you clicked on an advertisement.

That's not even a search result. You tricked your own *** self. If I googled Kansas City Red Sox Tickets and bought whatever the first search result showed me and then got upset because there is no such thing as the Kansas City Red Sox, then I would be an *** and deserve to lose my money.

You can't blame Fandango because you Googled something that didn't exist and then bought the first thing a search engine showed you...

you "clicked and clicked and clicked" as you say below... without paying attention to what you were actually doing.

Computers and advertising algorithms aren't mind readers and they can't make non-existent movie showtimes magically appear because you want them to. It gave you the closest thing available.

to A Nony Mouse #1327560

It's funny. This is the 3rd or 4th comment that is an attack against me.

Only one of those original comments remain, because they disappear after I reply, like I am doing here.

I'm convinced that the comments come from Fandango trolls.

Anyway, clearly you did not carefully read my complaint, you didn't understand it, or you are a perfect human being that can see through all cons, deceptions, and/or bait-and-switches.

And, I'm willing to bet that you either are pro-Trump or were strongly anti-Clinton and anti-Obama. Right?

Pro-Trump people are the nastiest people I've ever had the displeasure of knowing.

Best of luck to you, regardless.

Janelle Moreno

to Janelle Moreno #1327566

This is why I think Fandango has trolls who work for them. Here are the stats for Fandango as of this moment on this site, Pissed Consumer:

Fandango Complaints and Reviews:

1.4 stars out of 5 stars (281 reviews)



I know that since my complaint, Fandango has changed their terms so that people can more easily get their refund.

That's great. Also, Google has since changed how movies appear in their results-page when searching for a movie and location. When I made the purchase that prompted this complaint, in Jan. 2016, I was completely convinced that I was purchasing the Dinosaur movie in Fremont--from the Google result page I clicked Fandango, because it said something along the lines of "purchase Good Dinosaur showing in Fremont HERE".

The subsequent screens (on my phone) did not make it obvious that I was purchasing tickets for an entirely different movie in Fremont. And why would I think that a link that said it was for the Dinosaur movie in Fremont NOT be a Dinosaur movie in Fremont?!?! I heard of Fandango, have seen their commercials, I had misplace trust, obviously. An ethical company would make it resoundingly obvious which movie was being purchased on the landing page from the google-search page.

Whenever somebody clicks a link from the google search results window, the clicked-to site KNOWS the words used in that search (as well as the city that the user is in and their IP address--so be careful what you search for!). I know this because I made websites, tracked traffic, and kept track of search words used to find the websites I created--this helps companies incorporate commonly-searched words and build google-search-friendly sites. The movie I wanted to see (Good Dinosaur) was not even playing in Fremont. So, the Fandango link--the one that said "purchase Good Dinosaur here" brought me to another movie altogether that was playing in Fremont.

(This is why I call it "bait and switch" and it's an illegal way to garner business.) I frequent companies that I trust. Fandango--either by mistake or design--had a misleading link. Their "no refund within 2 hours" policy that existed then was crooked because you are able to buy a movie within that 2 hour period. They can take your money anytime, but you can't get a refund within a window that they arbitrarily set.

I wondered about seniors, people who aren't as tech savvy as me, and others (like me) who try to purchase a ticket while many things are going on in the background (like toddlers!). An honest company would make it easy to purchase THE RIGHT ticket, not just ANY ticket. And a company with integrity would acknowledge that people are not perfect, and people make mistakes, and make it EASY to swap the tickets for another movie--which is all that I wanted. I will never purchase tickets from Fandango again.

Likewise, I will never understand people who feel perfectly justified to bash me for wanting something that everybody deserves--simple trust that a large company will do all it can to make purchases easy and worry-free.

Fandango has forever lost my trust. Thankfully, my bank saw things the way I did and issued a full-refund to my account.


You're just being unreasonable. Were you not ever told "no" as a child?

Do you not ever tell your own child "no"? It clearly says on the website that they can't offer refunds 2 hours before the movie. That's just the way it is. I purchased the wrong movie like -- 30 minutes ago and got online with Ryoka as well and the whole matter was over and done with in about 10 minutes.

I was eligible for a refund as well as credit to enable me to switch the movie; because I was outside of that time frame. You made a mistake, why should someone have to risk their job for you because of user error?

Life sucks sometimes. Get over it.

You are not the center of the universe. Teach it to your kid so they react with more understanding and poise than you evidently have.

to Anonymous #1165043

Is this a Fandango troll? You know squat about me.

Poise? Practice what you preach!

Anyway, my bank happened to agree with me and issued me a full refund.

The point is that Fandango employs a bait-and-switch technique--an advertisement for the movie was a link to another movie altogether. I did it on my phone, with the small screen it was not obvious that I went to the wrong movie.

I clicked and clicked and clicked--purchase made!

Now why isn't it that easy for a representative to click to correct that "mistake"--although the "mistake" was in the link.

In this day and age, it should be as easy as a push of a button to fix a problem like this. Fandango, it seems, refuses to make it easy to switch the purchase for another movie.

Thankfully, Wells Fargo came through and stopped payment on that transaction.


Im doing the same reporting to the BBB and Rip-Off Report and everything I can find to post this cheating scandalous company!!

to Very_Angry_Customer #1089266

Thank you for your comment. You inspired me to pursue this further.

I'm going to see about filing a complaint with the Attorney General as well. Here is a link:

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